Practice Areas

Family Law

No one wants the conflict that can arise in a family law case. Unfortunately, it is often the case that matters involving divorce, child custody, or child support are high-conflict affairs. John has years of experience in high-conflict family law cases here in the Walla Walla Valley, and is able to assist you in bringing about a resolution to your family law case. John’s family law practice includes matters involving, but not limited to:

Legal Separation
Child Custody/Modifications
Child Support/Modifications
Relocations Involving Children
Nonparental Custody Cases
De Facto (Psychological) Parent Cases
Obtaining/Defending Protection Orders

Criminal Defense

Whether you have been arrested for a DUI, or charged with a gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor crime, John has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to assist you in resolving your case and moving forward. John’s criminal defense practice includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
Hit and Run
Assault in the Third and Fourth Degrees
Violation of Protection/Restraining/Anti-Harassment Orders
Malicious Mischief
Disorderly Conduct
Traffic Offenses


The appeals process is very different than trial. Whereas in trial the goal is to establish facts, and then apply the law to those facts, in appellate cases, the issue is typically whether the trial court applied the law correctly in your case, or whether the appropriate standards and procedures were followed. Because the appeals process is very different than trial, you want to make sure that your advocate is familiar with the applicable rules and standards that apply on appeal. John has years of appeals experience, having clerked for the Court of Appeals for two years, and then advocating before both the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court since his entry into private practice.

If you believe that the outcome of your trial or appeal was unfair or incorrect, John is ready and willing to review your case for an appeal.

Philosophy of Practice

John’s philosophy of practice can be summed up in three words: Advocacy with Integrity. This means that John believes each client is entitled to strong, diligent representation through the skillful application of hard work and experience. This also means that he will not advocate for a position that he does not feel is supported either by the facts or the law, and that he will not assist a client with misleading the court in order to gain an advantage over the other party. John believes that every client deserves his best effort, and strives to provide objective advice that will assist the client in resolving his or her case as favorably as possible. Simply put, John believes in an honest, client-centered practice. 

If you feel that you need strong representation that reflects the way you would represent yourself – with integrity – call John today at (509) 529-2830.

Meet the Attorney

John C. Julian


After gradating from Gonzaga Law School, John served as a law clerk to Judge Kevin Korsmo of the Court of Appeals, Division III. Following his two years at the Court of Appeals, he moved to Walla Walla with his wife Rachel. John is especially proud of his work coaching Eastern Washington University's Mock Trial Team, which was very successful under his leadership. John now uses his trial and litigation skills on behalf of his clients and their families. John has developed a reputation for honesty, professionalism, and preparation.

Though John grew up in Spokane, he has deep roots in Walla Walla. He is excited to be a permanent resident, and looks forward to serving the local community for many years to come. When not working, John enjoys spending time with his family, playing tournament chess, working on vintage automobiles, and painting.



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